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Canine Epilepsy

Causes and Treatments of Seizures-An Overview *Emergency Care* for Seizures

Coping with the Stress of Canine Seizures

Success Stories "If I Knew Then What I Know Now" Frequently Asked Questions
Types of Seizures Cluster Seizures Non-Profit Diagnostics

Generalized Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal)

Home Treatment with Rectal Diazepam Instructions and Price List of Lab testing
Partial or Focal Seizures (Petite Mal) Home Treatment with Rectal and Oral Valium/Diazepam Information form to submit with blood sample
Psychomotor Seizures
Status and Emergency Situations Home Treatment Success Stories Urine Bile Acid Testing
Seizure Medication (PB) Seizure Medication (KBr) Other Seizure Medication
Phenobarbital (PB) Potassium Bromide (KBr) Keppra
Reducing Phenobarbital Dosages Potassium Bromide - Used Alone and as an Adjunct to Phenobarbital Felbamate
Reducing the Risk of Liver Disease Potassium Bromide Success Stories Primidone
Liver Cleansing Diet and Milk Thistle  Discount Canine Pharmacies Gabapentin
Urine Bile Acid Testing   Other Medications
Diseases/Disorders that can cause Seizures

(Low Thyroid Function)

Distemper Connection Between Low Thyroid and Seizures Changing Vaccine Protocols
Hydrocephalus Clinical Signs of Canine Hypothyroidism ABC News Article - "Vexed Over Vaccination"
Hypoglycemia Behavioral Changes Associated with Thyroid Vaccine Antibody Titers - Antech News November 2000 issue
Lead Poisoning Thyroid Can Alter Behavior Take the Titer Test
Porto Systemic Shunts Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Houston Chronicle article - "Pets don't need shots every year"
Tick Borne Diseases The Immune System and Disease Resistance
Substances that can cause seizures Canine Thyroid Disease - Antech News November 1998
Diseases/Disorders that can mimic Seizures
 Narcolepsy  REM Behavior Disorder   Vestibular Diseases
Before a Seizure During a Seizure After a Seizure
How To Prepare For A Seizure What To Do During A  Seizure What To Do After A Seizure
Keeping a Seizure and Medication Record Seizure and Medication Record Behavioral Changes
Identify Potential Seizure Triggers Ice Pack To Stop Seizures Ice Cream After a Seizure
Nutrition Canine Seizures Information Articles
Healthy Adult Diet About Treating Canine Epilepsy Liver Disease: Signs, Symptoms, and Diagnosis
Diet for Weight Loss Ataxia Antech News on Anti-convulsant Therapy
Liver Cleansing Diet and Milk Thistle  Vaccinations, Secondary Reactions to Vaccinations and Titers Ethoxyquin and Other Anti-Oxidants
Supplements For Home Cooked Diet Diet and Nutrition Adverse Effects of Essential Oils and Herbs
Oatmeal Muffins Helpful Supplements for Epileptic Dogs What's Really in Pet Food -  API Report
Gelatin Toxicology of BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin in dog food  Milk Thistle - Whole Dog Journal
Helpful Information
Phenobarbital Dosing and Precautions Monitoring Liver Enzymes to Prevent Liver Failure Pancreatitis
Confused About Phenobarbital Dosing Measurements? Nighttime Agitation Possible Causes of Seizures by Age

Choosing a Veterinarian

Glossary and Terminology

Understanding Laboratory Results

How To Talk To Your Vet  Discount Canine Pharmacies

Conversion Table from Pounds to Kilograms

Seasonal Tips

Rescue Remedy

Nutritional Approaches for a Healthy Immune System What to Expect when Adopting an Epileptic Dog Educational Flyer

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